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How to Use a Phone Answering Service to Exceed Customer Expectations

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Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. The first impression is often the most important. The first impression can be the clincher and the key reason why people return to your business.

So how do you make sure their first experience is positive, thoughtful and memorable?

For smaller to medium sized practises it can be a drain on your expenses and day to day profits if you have a full time receptionist in the office. Have you thought about how a virtual phone answering service would be beneficial for the business? If not, think about these potential benefits:

  • You would have a dedicated Account Manager to look after your clients
  • You would be charged only for the time that the staff spend on dealing with your clients
  • You would have a whole lot less administration as the staff can add value by doing a lot of this at the first point of contact
  • You don’t have to pay annual leave, sick leave, PAYG or superannuation payments.

For medium to larger practises who may have multiple disciplinaries and many practitioners, having a receptionist may be a necessity. Virtual reception services also work in these cases as well for these reasons:

  • When your staff member is busy speaking to clients and the phone rings, Virtual Reception staff can pick up the calls
  • When there are multiple calls coming in, Virtual Reception can be the key overflow service, so that you never miss a potential new client
  • If you as the practitioner answer calls and you are unwell or with clients, Virtual Reception can pick up
  • Rescheduling clients for emergencies and illness is easily dealt with
  • If your receptionist is on leave or unwell, Virtual Reception are trained in your business and services so there is no extra stress for staff, business continues as normal.

Having a fabulous Virtual Reception team which understands your core business values, builds relationships with your clients and works efficiently to grow your client database is key to your customer’s first experience.

So if the first impression is important to your business, look at how Virtual Reception services with Time Well Spent could add value and change the face of your business today!

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