About Us

Established by Karen Glass in 2008, Time Well Spent (TWS) has grown through word of mouth and our range of services has developed in response to our clients’ needs. Today, we have 12 Account Managers providing administration and reception services in our Hampton East Office handling many long-term accounts. We offer continuity, tailored services and flexibility for busy business owners and entrepreneurs.

For the team at TWS, great customer service is about building trust and developing a proactive working relationship with you. We pride ourselves on being efficient, motivated and highly organised. Our focus is helping YOU grow your business.  



Our clients value:


  • Proven digital, mobile and cloud-based virtual office solutions
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Being proactive in reporting of new clients and enquiries
  • Knowing their customers are being looked after
  • Initial intake and administration of all new clients
  • Stress-free management of multiple projects, calendars and people
  • Our focus on business growth activities
  • Assistance with growing psychology practices and building teams
  • Content management of websites, communications, marketing and social media – specific to allied health
  • Bookkeeping and administrative support

 We like to have an initial face-to-face meeting (if you are in Melbourne or via Zoom if you are interstate) to get to know you and your business, your passion, values, customers and goals, so that we can follow through with the same energy and drive that got you started in the first place. Your Account/Practice Manager will then work with you to design a virtual office with the range of services you require. 













Your Virtual Team

Karen Glass

Karen Glass – Director

Karen Glass is the Founder and Director of Time Well Spent.

Having spent many years as an Executive Assistant and Project Manager, Karen’s skills and expertise lie in project management, diary management, business development and marketing. TWS was developed so that these skills could be utilised so that other businesses could grow without having to employ staff.

Karen has an interest in new business strategies, technology and innovation leading to business growth. She has a keen eye for detail and a history in developing marketing strategies that can lead to ongoing client growth for all her clients. Her warm and caring nature ensures that every client feels like they have been looked after and that a high level of customer service is offered.

Karen has also founded the Allied Health Professionals Network after many years of experience working with allied health practitioners. The network has been formed to provide opportunities for practitioners to refer to each other in their local area. It is also a way for business owners to learn marketing and business techniques that they can easily implement within their business, through workshops and training events. (this is on hold at the moment)

Karen has a very chilled out dog called Indie, who’s favourite thing to do is swim at the beach. She is a beautiful 9 year old Boxer who is a weekly visitor to the office – she even has her own bed and is very welcoming to anyone that comes in for a visit. She keeps a close eye on anyone with hot chips and is always happy to have anything that is leftover!!










Cassandra Widdows - Office Manager - Operations

Cassandra (Cass) has worked within the health sector as a Receptionist and Office Manager for over 10 years. She has been with Time Well Spent for over 10 years and comes with numerous years of experience assisting physiotherapists and osteopaths in managing their diaries, booking appointments, invoicing, bookkeeping and liaising with customers. Previous to these roles, Cass worked in an accounting firm as an Office Manager, so she is well versed in office management and administration.

Cass has a warm and calming nature about her, she is diligent and thoughtful and you will find her a delight to work with. She is a master with Halaxy and can guide you through the whole process from set up to getting started in a very short amount of time. She also has some extra special skills in assisting clients with business growth strategies and loves to be involved in team training days. Cass has a menagerie of fur babies in her home, here is a short (not so short) summary –

No 1. Rose – Toy poodle, 14 years old and the ruler of our humble abode and our lives.  Rose rules with a firm paw over all inhabitants of our home and anyone who dares to cross our threshold
No 2. Sheldon – our beautiful 10 year old budgie whom I have decided is never going to die – every winter for the past few years he has made us think that the end is near however he just keeps on going. He used to love me but now that he has his new younger friend I have been relegated to “cleaner of cage”
No 3. Charlie – our beautiful, noisy, full of character cockatiel.  While Charlie doesn’t actually talk he does love to mimic sounds, so he sneezes just like me and loves to wolf whistle and copy the strange noises my hubby makes in an attempt to engage with him.
No 4. Casper – lucky last is our cat fish, poor Casper was rescued by us from a pet store where he had had his eyes eaten by other fish in the “sale” tank he was kept in. Casper is a white (almost see through) cat fish who has out lived (possibly eaten) every other fish we have had over the last 4 year. He now lives very happily in his tank all by himself!


Ellie has been working with Time Well Spent since January 2022 – her role emcompasses two parts – assisting clients with Marketing Campaigns, Events Management, Online Booking platforms, preparing and updating blogs for Social Media and Accounts Management and Practice Management for some of our Allied Health Practices.

Prior to this role she has worked as a Personal Assistant/Project Manager in Real Estate for over 7 years as well as previous experience in the retail sector.

She is currently studying a Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) at Latrobe University and working with us 4 days a week, whilst studying.

Ellie’s highly organised nature and ability to listen to the needs of her clients and build relationships has helped her to successfully deliver on outcomes.

Ellie is always willing to have a go and learn new things, and has successfully navigated the usage of Bookeo, Halaxy, Xero and Canva. She is a country girl at heart and has a fabulous sense of humour with a contagious laugh that gets us all smiling around her.

Ellie has a 12 year old Maltese X Terrier called Pip – funnily enough she got her when her older sister moved out of home because she was so upset! She made the move to Melbourne with Ellie and loves to sleep and works alongside her most days. She also has Alfie the cat, who is 5 years old and also made the move with her to Melbourne, like a typical cat only loves Ellie and no one else !

Mirella C

Mirella has with worked with us at Time Well Spent since 2022. She is punctual, reliable and has the ability to prioritise her work well.

She has studied a Bachelor of Psychological Studies as well as a Diploma of Health Science which mould well into the services we provide. Mirella is a good team player and is capable of active listening which is beneficial to the work we do on the phones for our clients. Being able to read through the lines and understand people without verbal cues is a fantastic trait to have.

Mirella has a gorgeous labrador called Ralphy who has puppy dog eyes, loves to snuggle and when he walks – he struts as if on the runway!!

Juwita R

Juwita is an experienced supervisor and team leader who comes from the call centre environment. She is a productive person who loves challenges, with capabilities in multitasking and task management. With her advanced Diploma of Tourism, she has been able to use her customer service and high level organisation skills required in our Office Administrator role. Juwita worked hard last year completing a UX/UI Design course – which she did whilst working FT for us… which is very commendable indeed. She is always looking for the best in people and fits in well with the girls in her team. Juwita’s bubbly personality has been a lovely addition to our team in 2021.

Juwita now has two miniature dachshunds called Willow  and Reggie who have taken over her home and they both demand constant walks and attention and might even be TikTok famous – more details about them below!

Willow Wallaby Washington is a 2 year old smooth haired mini dachshund, she is a pampered stubborn princess that doesn’t understand personal space and will magically fit anyway on your lap for a good cuddle. Reggie also known Pedge is a 1 year old long haired mini dachshund who has big dog mentality and must have been a cat in his past life. He likes to jump up and sit on your shoulder for cuddles and naps.


Melinda joined TWS this year and has come from a long background of working within Administration for Allied Health, Accounts and Medical Practices. She has been in this sector since 2008 so brings a wealth of knowledge and experience her way. She is mature, kind, caring, understanding and really believes in the importance of developing rapport with her clients.

She accepts the different needs of the clients and works on effective problem solving skills to assist their clients with any issues. She has experience in many of the programs we use – and is a bit of a whizz with Microsoft products  – which is a huge benefit to our business.


Abby has joined our team in 2022 and has been working in the Health Administration field for over 3 years.

She has completed a Certificate III in Health Administration and a Medical Administration Course – which has given her a wondereful insight into the world of allied health practices. Abby’s previous roles were administration and reception services for Psychology practices and she has drawn on that experience to now be a proficient, organised Practice Manager for us at Time Well Spent.

Abby has many years of experience using Halaxy and is capable of assisting practices with the backend set up of Halaxy – to ensure that they are using as many features as possible of the program to enhance the administration and profience for each business.

She is calm, organised and knowledgeable, understanding the privacy and confidentiality required for our clients and showing a caring and empathetic nature to our clients both over the phone and via online communication portals.

Like Cass, Abby has a menagerie of birds in her place – they all sound like they rule the roost too and have the full run of the house.

Chilli – parrot  – likes to pretend he is this big scary beast but is actually the sweetest gentleman, especially to his wifey (Belle)
Belle – parrot   – mostly quiet and almost timid, but always happy to vocalise her love for pancakes and waffles
Phantom – parrot   – loves curling up to binge watch movies and tv shows, loves singing along to the musicals though….
Bourbon -parrot – has an unhealthy obsession with bathing and swimming in any open liquids, keeps forgetting he can’t bath in tea and coffee
Cruise – Parrot – thinks that he is batman and spends most of his free time hanging from blinds, fans, cupboards etc. like a bat…


Cathie has been with us since 2021 and has had many years working in medical reception and administration. She is an highly experienced PA who has also worked in the housing industry for 15 years – before moving over to the Allied Health sector. In these roles, she managed the Reception team and Administration, as well as doing some of the accounting for the businesses as well.

She is kind, caring and calm with her clients and has been able to find a great work/life balance. Cathie is reliable and hard working and always able to help out here other team members.

Cathie works 4 days with us and 1 day is spent with her twin 2 year old granddaughters and she says this is the highlight of her week, spending time with them.


Hetha joined the TWS team at the end of 2022 and has been a welcome addition to the team. She has studied a double degree of Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice/Bachelor of Psychological Science and whilst studying worked in numerous reception roles for Psychology practices.

She is proficient in billing, invoicing and administration and has a very organised daily work schedule which she manages efficiently. She has the ability to communicate concisely, adapting communication styles to our client needs.

Hetha’s work ethic and quiet enthusiasm have been a wonderful contribution to our team.

Hetha doesnt have any fur babies but has a crazy love for zebras… and no she doesnt have one in her backyard.. but has fed them at the Darling Downs Zoo…maybe a trip to Tanzania is on the cards one day!!


We welcomed Mel to TWS in December 2021 and she has been a very quick learner with a positive attitude and fantastic work ethic.

Mel has come from a background of Healthcare – working as a Practice Manager for a Medical Clinic. She managed the day to day operations of the business as well as the onboarding of the practitioners and administration staff. These skills have been invaluable  to TWS as Mel has assisted in many training sessions with new TWS team members.
Mel has a Diploma of Business Administration and has utilised these skills in her most recent roles. 

She has excellent communication and interpersonal skills and is quick to build and maintain loyalty and build rapport with clients. She is self motivated, a team player, sensitive and capable. Mel is our Saturday whizz managing the morning all on her own…what a star.!

Mel has a wonderful laugh which is infectious and brings laughter and jokes to the office daily and she enjoys spending time with Tay and Hazel her gorgeous young family on the weekend.


Kali has been working in reception and administration since 2018, so she brings 5 years of highly valued experience with her to the role.

She has completed an internship as a Health Administration Officer and has a goal oriented outcome attitude to ensure all tasks are completed in a timely manner.
She has extensive knowledge of Microsoft office programs and has some experience with account programs like Xero. She has worked for a large psychology practice and is familiar with lots of phone work from her previous role.

Within this role Kali was able to excel at the processes, diary and email management and communicating with practitioners using Halaxy and Slack. As both these programs were used widely with our clients, it was invaluable for her training.


Sara has begun at Time Well Spent in 2023 and has been a welcome friendly and energetic new staff member. She has previous experience in working in Psychology practice administration as well as experience in a Customer Service and Administration Team Leader role for a few years prior. Her warm and caring nature is obvious from the moment you speak with her on the phone and she is very accomodating and understanding, willing to go the extra mile to help our clients.

Sara is a supportive team member, taking on lots of new tasks and brings with her Halaxy and Power Diary experience which have been invaluable to us and out training process. Sara also has a house full of animals, with a dog, couple of cats and a couple of crabs… here’s more about them below..

Coco- Staffie- Overwhelmingly needy, loves to love, wants all the kisses, thinks she is a lap dog
Mocha- Burmese cat, old lady in retirement, is on a diet (to her disgust) as she is a chonky chonk
Scratches- Moggy short haired black and white cat- lives up to her name and scratches EVERYTHING to pieces (apart from the damn cat post)  Rescued her off the street when she was a kitten, has lived the good life since then, very sweet girl.
Mr Green- Hermit crab in green shell- likes to climb, people watch and make a ton of noise
Mr Pink- Hermit crab in pink shell, likes to hide, is always buried, always need to double check if he is still alive…

Sheree C

Sheree has been with Time Well Spent for nine years on a part time basis, handling bookkeeping services, account management and helping to improve our clients’ accounting systems and procedures. Sheree is familiar with Xero and can assist with any reconciliation of accounts and debt collection services.

Julie C

Julie works part time onsite at the Victorian Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists (VAPP) and provides administration support to the Richmond office. She is a service-focused employee with more the 30 years as a Senior Executive in Sales and Management within the hospitality industry. Julie has a Diploma of Business (Front Line Management) where she mixes her abilities of organisation and business management to provide a comprehensive support service for the VAPP.

Julie also works part time with the Psychoanalytic PsychotherapyAssociation of Australasia (PPAA) providing administration and meeting support for the whole association.


Vanessa B

Vanessa works offsite with one of our Psychology Associations – the AAGP, assisting them in administration for events, workshops and meetings. She provides marketing assistance for a proactive social media presence and updates the website as well. A key part of her role is to assist in managing the members, ensuring they have access to resources and courses as well as providing financial administration. She has been a key liaison person for a number of committees and has managed numerous events and social media pages in the past, which means she is well suited to this role.