Project Management

Are you a Consultant, Coach or Facilitator? Are you often caught up in a workshop or seminar and cannot return the calls of your clients? If so our Account Managers can look after your clients and business whilst you are doing what you do best (that may be facilitating, coaching or consulting), and keep the business running in a smooth and highly efficient manner. We are familiar with using some online coaching tools such as Career Anchors, Gallup Strengths Assessments, DISC profiling, Human Synergistics and Facet 5 profiles.

We have experience in:

  • Diary management
  • Travel and Accommodation management
  • Project management of your clients
  • Invoicing and Account Management
  • Assisting with proposals, agreements and information documents
  • Tender Proposals
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Online surveys and feedback for clients

Many of our clients are coaches and facilitators, running an annual program of events around Australia and overseas. In addition to event management services, we provide virtual reception, customer liaison, content management and product distribution services, so that while our clients are away presenting or facilitating programs, their customers are well looked after and business continues to flourish.

We use many fabulous project management tools that provide seamless integration with Google Drive, Dropbox  and Xero. We have used these Project Management tools and programs with many clients and also use it for our business to keep track of all tasks, schedules and invoicing.