So now you have decided you are going to run a seminar series to attract new clients to your business. Key objectives are to educate your potential clients on the services you offer and deliver key strategies they can use to grow their own business.

Here are some of the things you should think about before deciding if it is worthwhile to go ahead with the event:

  1. Who is your target market? Think about where they are located, what their concerns are within their business, what limits their group?
  2. Develop key objectives to offer solutions for these clients and write the marketing spiel to attract clients to events.
  3. Review budgetry requirements for the individual event and series. List all of the expenses and costs to discover how many people you need to attend the event to make a small profit.
  4. Include: venue, catering, parking, staff, location, time to put the seminar series together, time to develop workbooks and presentations.
  5. Online and Offline Marketing – marketing and promotional material, signage, booking procedures (on or offline ticketing systems), processing payments, forms, certificates etc…

Gosh the list is never ending, but really make sure you include everything so that you get a good idea of the cost of the event and whether it really is worthwhile to go ahead.