Why Choose Us?

The Time Well Spent team are passionate and dedicated people committed to providing allied health business owners and consultants with outstanding business support. With your dedicated Account/Practice Manager you can steadily grow your business at your own time and pace.

We provide:

  • Specialised niche area in the “Allied Health Sector”
  • Attention to detail for every appointment
  • A team of staff – to constantly cover your phone and business activities
  • Virtual administration solutions using proven digital technology and practice management programs
  • Comprehensive range of services, tailored to your needs (not just administration)
  • Proactive customer service
  • Excellent communication (written and verbal)
  • Management of multiple projects, calendar and people
  • Focus on business growth consistently through monthly reports, marketing and engagement with your clients

Virtual office support is an efficient use of resources, offering flexibility and access to a wide range of services, skills and experience at a fraction of the cost of employing an in-house team. With a range of options for costs, the use of a virtual team will enhance your capabilities to meet your clients needs. This will ensure you are able to not only meet and exceed your clients needs, but be able to work within your budget to grow your business.

To read some of our wonderful testimonials, head on over to our Testimonial page.

What Do Our Clients Say?

Our Values


We develop personally, mindfully and consciously to achieve, personal, professional and business growth


Taking the initiative to achieve positive results for our clients. Not waiting for others to act, being proactive and always caring about the outcome


Keeping information private which ensures both staff and clients have credibility and trust in each other


Taking responsibility for your work, your clients and your behaviour. Be reliable and accountable to yourself, your role within your team and the business as a whole


Achieving peak performance using the tools and resources provided to produce a high level of service


Ensuring information is correct and precise, reviewing data entered and constantly confirming its accuracy


Working in a team we collaborate to help solve problems, brainstorm to exchange new ideas and assist each other in our daily workflows


The ability to take on the other person’s perspective and to feel what the other person is feeling, avoiding judgement and offering comfort and understanding