Phone Answering SystemNo matter what type of business you have you will need to have clients or customers call you. This means you need to either be able to answer the calls when they come in or have staff answer the calls for you. If you are a small business looking for options a virtual phone answering service is a good way to start… Below is a list of the key benefits….

  • You will have a customised Account Manager looking after all your clients that come in.
  • There is a team of staff who are able to process calls so they never go unanswered
  • Your clients can book appointments immediately into your calendar without having to wait for a call back.
  • The Account Managers can process payments for purchases or invoices
  • The Account Managers are focused on your company and can give information to clients via the phone, or email as well as follow up on any further enquiries…
  • Regular staff mean they can develop ongoing relationships with your clients
  • Cost effective form of customer service within your business

Remember to think about the benefits when you are looking at options for your business. For further information contact Time Well Spent on 9271 8222