Is bookkeeping a task that you find a chore and something you avoid and continually put at the bottom of your list?

Why is that? It is because you are being taken away from the core part of your business by doing admin work? Deep down you know your time is better spent working with your customers, or developing new products and ideas to grow your business.

So have a think about how many hours a week you spend on accounting/bookkeeping tasks- is it 2 or 3 hours or between 5-10 hours a week….when you break down all the tasks and look at the actual time spent on these tasks you will be amazed how long it can take you.

These are some of the tasks that you could possibly do on a daily or weekly basis. Invoicing clients, paying suppliers, entering receipts into your spreadsheets, reconciliation and debt collection.

If you are thinking that your time is better spent on working with your customers/clients then perhaps it is time to outsource this part of your business.

With MYOB, Quickbooks and Xero all having online capabilities the bookkeeping can be done virtually anywhere in the world. If you are looking for some accounts assistance, give us a call and we can give you advice on all the options available.