Are you one of those creative people that have lots of ideas and never knows where to put them? Do you have notepads, journals, and pieces of paper lying around with important information on them? Or perhaps you are one of those people who have sticky note reminders everyone….most likely you can relate to one of the above options!

So where do you store all your great ideas for your business? Evernote is a software program that gives you the capability to store everything in one place. Things like favourite web pages you want to go back to, images you would like to use, blogs you would like to read later on and it even stores photos for you that you might like to use at a later date.

Evernote is a way to be collaborative with your friends and colleagues, sharing projects and research in the one place. It can also be used for planning your next trip, putting all the travel documents in the one place….you can easily scan in tickets or maps as well.

It is iPad compatible as well for all those ideas you see or think about on the run. Great for everyone it is used by students studying, chefs for maintaining recipe collections, writers, authors and of course business owners…

So Evernote is a great tool for keeping all those bits and pieces together…check out to learn more.