1. Employ a team of Virtual Phone Answering Receptionists who are dedicated to your business, offered customised answering for all calls…
  2. Managing payments – if you have ongoing products and payments that need to be made or processed your Virtual Assistant can do this remotely for you.
  3. Warehousing – as well as sending out packages/letters and then following up with an email confirmation – this type of service is seen as excellent customer service
  4. Utilise the Virtual Assistant to be the constant customer contact person – following up on any enquiries, changes in appointments, queries on services etc
  5. Manage your Inbox – have your Virtual Assistant answer emails for you so that they can manage your inbox and ensure all enquiries are being followed up
  6. Updating of your website – the Virtual Assistant can upload new articles or content and keep all files up to date
  7. Database management – looking after all your customers and clients by keeping accurate records
  8. Marketing – utilise a Virtual Administrator to assist in marketing your business through email campaigns, newsletters, mailouts, follow up to orders etc
  9. Event Management – using on online ticketing systems speeds up the process for managing events, clients, customers, and orders
  10. Virtual Administration Services – an office manager can manage all administration for your business virtually so that the perception of your business is one of a team and not a sole trader managing all aspects of the business

Are you productive?

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