Do you use an iPad during meetings with clients?  If so you would be like me and realise how effective it can be in producing results, IPAD technology in meetingsactions and minutes instantly. With the added functionality of email and internet connectivity you are able to finish a meeting, send the notes or minutes as an attachment and then forward these onto other members of your team instantaneously.  I find this effective when I am wanting to allocate tasks to staff immediately.

Having internet access  can assist with being able to find out facts or information on the spur of the moment for the people in the meeting therefore solving problems and issues as you go.
Another effective tool is the pen for iPads that can assist in drawing diagrams and flow charts when trying to document processes or actions.

Meetings should always have an agenda to ensure there is a valid reason for the meeting  Being productive requires someone to take the initiative and offer to take notes and run the meeting so that your time is used effectively. Productivity in meetings is important to ensure that everyone in the room feels like they have achieved something with the time spent., so using an iPad can have advantages over other devices. If you are in a small space or having to travel a distance, the laptop is often to bulky to carry or even use and the ipad is the better option.

The technology is developing further and further each day and there are programs to use word, excel and powerpoint on the iPad now that make the iPad a more effective tool…these programs are paid programs to download, but for a minimal fee it is well worth the spend…more on paid apps next week…here is a list of some free options which assist in productivity in meetings.

There are some apps which are free and some which are worth the small price that you would pay for better productivity

Notes: you can use this to jot down key points of meetings and actions and then send them immediately from your iPad to the key people in the meeting.

Idea sketch: you can use this app to draw ideas/ flow charts or images to describe a topic or subject

Power one calculator : great for any calculations for costings, budgets, international currencies etc

Evernote: a good way of referencing ideas and notes, especially business ideas that you would like to develop in the future.

Dropbox: a great way to share files with colleagues, easy to access and update as you go.

Skype: perfect for communicating with colleagues that are interstate as a phone call or if you need to refer to a document you can share your screens online. It can also be beneficial when training staff who are not in the same location as you.

Clock: great tool for when you need to time minutes of speakers in meetings, also has times of world clocks helpful for meetings in other states/countries

Docstoc: is a fabulous resource for business owners who are looking for templates, forms, invoice templates, contracts etc, some are free and others are to be paid for with a small fee, worth reviewing if you are just starting up in business.

Google docs: using google docs you can share documents on file, update immediately and send amendments to other team members whilst in the meeting

Cardmunch: this app saves you time by scanning your new colleagues or clients business cards into your database.

Expensify: this app assists in being able to upload receipts on the run. So for all business receipts for tax purposes you just scan them in and then produce reports at the end of the month for your accountant-a great way to record expenses instantly.

RTM: Remember the milk: a great tool for tasks that are added to your list last minute….so for example if you are in the car and you get a call to action an item first thing the next day think about using the Remember The Milk as this will allow you to set up a task list and receive reminders; great simple app for busy people

More details next week with the most effective paid apps to come….