A press release is a specific marketing exercise to attract clients to a new product, service, idea or research. A press release is a promotional tool to advertise and make people aware of the benefits of having these products or services.

It should be done in tandem with a promotional brochure or website and there should be plenty of information available for people to realise the benefits, therefore giving them every reason to purchase a a service or product from you. It is important to identify all of the areas below so ensure you are reviewing your current marketing strategies and planning ahead.

Here are the four “W’s” to keep in mind….





So why are you writing a press release?

What is the product or service that you are promoting?

When is it being launched or available for your clients?

And who are you going to send the press release to?

You must consider each of these areas individually and plan!

Here are just a few reasons you may want to send a press release for your business::

  • New Address or Location
  • New Staff
  • New Staff with additional qualifications and services
  • New Opening Hours
  • You have a written an article about your services and products
  • You have launched a new website
  • You have an event you are running

So if you are looking to promote any of your services or products take into consideration all of the above, you will be able to identify the key factors and go into more depth with your press release.