Do you manage your own diary and book meetings with clients?

If so this is a task that can be managed for you by using online calendars such as Google or using any customised software programs that you have in place. We liaise with you on your meeting criteria and travel times and work closely with the clients to ensure all the meeting arrangements are accurate, confirming appointments the day before as well.

Do you answer all the calls that come through to your business? 

Research has shown that we can spend around 5-10 hours a week on the phone talking with clients, booking meetings, ordering supplies, following up on proposals, and even debt collection on invoices. Is this you? If so perhaps you need to look at how this affects your day to day planning. Does this mean you are working late into the evenings to get proposals/tenders and client communication prepared? If you are doing this, it may be time to look at a personalised phone answering service to assist with taking these calls.

Do you send out invoices to your clients?

Who does the bookkeeping and entering all the data for your business? As the business owner do you send out the invoices to your clients? How do you feel when you have to chase late payments?

Perception is everything, it is amazing but clients definitely feel like they are working with a professional business when they have the opportunity to speak with or liaise with another person on your team.  Wouldn’t it be great to have another person working with you to enter the data, send out the invoice and chase up any outstanding payments….

Do you spend time following up potential new clients?

More research has shown that answering emails from web enquiries and following up with clients can take on average 3 hours per week…now if only you could get that three hours back – what would you do with that time?

Do you book your own travel arrangements?

Researching the flight times, time zones, passport, visa requirements, transfers and costs of travel can be time consuming. This is  something that a Virtual Assistant can easily manage for you, giving you many choices so you  end up reviewing the arrangements and then all you have to do is turn up at the airport on time!

So in a nutshell if you are looking to gain up to 10 hours back in your business or personal life per week a virtual personal assistant could be an inexpensive option for you. They will be able to give you back those hours and more and you won’t even need to employ staff or set up an office- what a bonus!